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Why not choose us?

We have almost two decades of marketing experience in real estate sales in four different markets – Ukraine, Serbia, Czech Republic and now also in Macedonia, with a total population of more than 50 million people. We aim to offer the most transparent and professional service to owners and buyers/tenants by creating the most professional presentation of the property and using the most advanced marketing strategies in order to reach the right client for the right property.

We also offer the lowest and most transparent commissions on the market!

Expert advice throughout the entire process.

You can 100% rely on our support throughout the entire process of selling or renting your real estate. With our vast experience in projects, short-term and long-term rentals, that's right we know what it takes to attract the right buyer/tenant to your property.

During the creation of the presentation of your property we will make a list of suggestions, if necessary, that we would advise you to correct or add to the property to make it attractive to the desired client and to reach a sale or rental faster.

The latest and most advanced Marketing Strategies.

Now that we've covered the first two steps it's time to find the right buyer tenants for you. We have almost two decades of experience in digital and traditional marketing, applying the latest and most advanced marketing strategies and using the latest marketing trends we know exactly how to find the right client, at the right time, for the right property.

Professional presentation of the property.

We will create a professional photo and video presentation of your property. Our agent will collect the most relevant data about the property and in a few hours your property will be available to thousands of people who are looking for a new home every day.

This process is critical to success. The presentation must be 100% transparent in order to save your time and the time of potential buyers/tenants, by showing the property in the right light to the right customers.

Conclusion of the contract.

Last step, the contract is drawn up. You've made your sale a rental, now it's time for the red tape. Don't worry, we know that paperwork can be tiring and that's why our legal team members will support you with all legal issues right to the end. For any additional information, feel free to contact us: at +389 76 912 972 .

Square Real Estate Agency offers the lowest and most transparent commissions on the market for the sale and rental of apartments. We do not charge a commission for buying and renting.

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