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Discounts on properties with

To find out how discounts work, first, you need to understand what is deeply rooted within the Macedonian culture, and that is bargaining.

In Macedonia, no matter what you are trying to buy or sell, every party expects that it will come to the bargain. That is the main reason because of which the landlords (sometimes unrealistically) raise the price in expectation that the lessor or the buyer will bargain on that price. Do not worry, this problem is easily solvable.

In most of the cases with the help of our agency if the certain conditions are met you can get up to 20% discount on some real estates that are for rent, and up to 10% on some real estates that are for sale, just give us a call and we will do the job for you!

When you are browsing properties listed with our agency consider real estate that is even up to 20% outside of your budget when it comes for renting, and up to 10% outside of your budget when it comes to buying, than give us a call on +389 76 912 972, and we will bargain the best possible price for you!.

And if you are still on the market for that perfect home we can help! Just tell us do you wish to rent apartment or to buy apartment or maybe you wish to rent a house or to buy a house?

P.S. If you are still not sure in which part of Skopje is right for you. read our article about Skopje’s neighborhoods or just give us a call and we will explain everything in details.

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